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About Us

For the last 20 years my wife, Myriam, and I have been followers of Christ. One of our greatest pleasures is volunteering and giving back to our community. James 1:22 says “be doers of the word” and that’s what our mission is…to be doers of the word.

I, personally, am passionate about prison ministry. I was a drug addict at the age of 13 and I did almost fifteen years in prison. Today, I am a chaplain and an ordained minister. I said I would never go back to prison but today I know that I have to share my story for God’s glory. Hebrews 13:3 says “remember those in prison” and that’s another part of our mission…to remember those in prison.

Last year I went on a missions trip to Guatemala to a home and school for girls being kept safe from abuse and sex trafficking. God opened up my eyes and heart to sharing his love globally. Romans 12:10 and 13 say “Honor one another above yourselves” and “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need” and that’s the final part of our mission…honoring others above and ourselves and sharing with those in need.

We started this ministry to be doers of the word, remember those in prison, honor others above ourselves and share with those in need. Our hope and prayer is to bring others alongside us through volunteerism and partnerships to bring this mission to life. With God’s love, let’s work
together to create a better world.