1240 to 3:16: How I Changed My Legacy


Church can change your identity and how people see you. Many members and friends in my congregation or community might see me on Sunday mornings and think I’m a God loving man, but they don’t know the dark alleys that led me here. I am not perfect. In fact, many times I was far from it.Hello, I am Victor Muniz, the man behind Real Talk with Victor and I have life experiences that I’d like to share from my early years running the streets of New York to being a follower of Christ. I was, at times, at the top of my game and, at times, at the lowest points of my life. In my early years, I was in an abusive home and felt like the black sheep of my family. During my teen years, I turned to drugs, which led me down the path of being on the streets. I spent much of my adolescence in and out of jail. The last time in jail I decided to start trusting God. I took classes to advance my education and when I came home I began dedicating my life to the Lord.I am currently completing my Chaplain certification through the United Chaplain State of PA. Now in this new season I speak to church congregations, in prisons and to citizens all over the country giving practical words of wisdom from real life experiences.


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