1240 to 316 Ministries

Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

1240 to 3:16 Ministries, 1240 Ambersweet Way, #355, Davenport, FL 33897Phone (321) 430-5582Please fill out this form and return to1240 to 3:16 Ministriesto receive consideration for a volunteer position. You may mail this form to our mailing addressor attach it to an email at volunteer@1240to316.com

1240 to 3:16is a non-profit organization working in the greater Orlando area to bring the church to inmates through our prison ministry, to help meet needs in our community through food distribution and any other necessities and supporting missions in Africa and Guatemala.

After we receive your application, we will contact you and arrange for an interview in person or by phone. All information on this form will be kept confidential and will help us find the perfect volunteer project for you. Please be advised that, since we work with a vulnerable population, we require a criminal background check. We will advise how this may be done in the most efficient way.

Note: The form goes to this email: volunteer@1240to316.com